The 6 Best Extensions, Plugins, and Apps For Airtable

6 apps that will take your Airtable bases to the next level in 2022.

Ian Ruta
December 3, 2022
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The 6 Best Extensions, Plugins, and Apps For Airtable
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In 2022, Airtable is so much more than a spreadsheet. It's now the one of the most commonly used backend and database tools for building no-code apps. Additionally, organizations are building entire internal ops systems and apps with Airtable by leveraging its user friendliness, flexibility, and automation capabilities. But with the right extensions, plugins, and apps, Airtable can be an even more powerful asset for businesses and no-coders. To save you time, we have compiled a list of the six best extensions to get the most out of Airtable.

⚠️ Please note, this list is not ranked in any particular order. ⚠️

Best Airtable Form Extensions

1. Supersparks

Full disclosure, this article is written by the founder of Supersparks. But we are confident we belong here because we are building one of the world’s largest libraries of apps and extensions for Airtable. Or ‘sparks’ as we call them - of the super variety. 🦸

Our advanced form is a bundle of extensions that enables a wide range of use cases and CRUD capabilities for no-code apps built with Airtable. While there are other forms with similar functionality on this list, Supersparks offers more design customization than others. For example, our form can be broken down into multiple steps for respondents, which is proven to increase completion rate for long forms.

As ardent Airtable users ourselves, we are building other extensions to address limitations we have encountered. This includes formulas that Airtable does not offer but are common on other spreadsheet tools, such as Countif and Vlookup.

Supersparks pricing:

  • Free to create 20 records per month
  • $6-8 per month / extension
  • $29 per month for our bundles

All paid plans have unlimited usage and seats.

2. Miniextensions

Miniextensions' form is their hallmark product that allows you to do all sorts of unthinkable things with Airtable forms. Their extensive list of covers all sorts of edge cases Airtable doesn't cover yet.The form is built natively for Airtable so you don't have to wait for Zapier to sync data from other form tools. Miniextensions form stands out from the others on this list because of their extensive range of use cases, including payments, inventor (qr scanning), and calendar scheduling.

They also have a grid view that is great for internal applications on top of Airtable. One amazing use case of their extensions that you can grant CRUD capabilities to as many internal employees as you want so you don't have to pay for multiple airtable seats. Their bulk update extensions also extends the capabilities of Airtable's formulas and automations.

Miniextensions pricing:

  • Plus - $149 monthly - Create unlimited, update 150, & bulk process 10k records per month
  • Pro - $299 monthly - Create, update, & bulk process unlimited records per month

Both of Miniextensions' plans include access to all of their extensions. While some users might be turned off by their relatively high starting price, Miniextensions can be an essential side-kick for organizations that want to create custom ERPs, CRMs, or other internal systems with Airtable. Software for these types of projects can be very expensive, but Airtable with Miniextensions offers an affordable and flexible alternative.

3. On2Air

On2Airs form extension offers many of the core functionality of Miniextensions, but also offers a wide range of interactive views to enable users different CRUD functionality, such as portals, live calculations (ie. for quotes), and more.

They also have 3 other popular products including base backups, document generator from your Airtable base, and more.

On2Air pricing

All 4 of their apps increase by usage and/or views (only for forms).

  • Free
  • Starter - $9.99 / month
  • Essential - $29.99 / month
  • Professional - $49.99 / month
  • Premium - $79.99 / month

Best Airtable Extensions For Web Apps

4. Softr

Softr is a powerful tool for turning Airtable or Google Sheets into client portals, partner apps or internal tools. Softr converts Airtable data into a full-stack web-app with out-of-the-box memberships, payments and business logic, all in one place. And it only takes minutes. They have over 1000 templates to start off your app for a wide range of industries and use cases.

Softr pricing

  • Free
  • Starter - $29 / month
  • Professional - $79 / month
  • Business - $199 / month

Higher pricing plans unlock more features, Airtable records, and memberships. Their free plan allows you to host a custom domain, which is very valuable for testing an MVP.

5. Whalesync

When developing web apps, many no-coders that prioritize design flexibility choose Webflow as a frontend over other tools like Softr. Two-way syncing data between Webflow's CMS and a backend tool like Airtable is essential for web apps but not natively offered by either tool. This is where Whalesync can help.

Before Whalesync, no-coders primarily used Zapier to sync data between Airtable and Webflow. But the process of connecting fields to sync on Zapier has always been a cumbersome process. Whalesync makes this super easy through it’s user friendly data mapper, which is built specifically for no-code tool syncing. Whalesync is ideal for the following use cases:

  • Programmatic SEO
  • Internal Tools
  • No-code Apps
  • Cross-team Collaboration.

Whalesync pricing

  • Startup - $39 / month - 1000 records in sync
  • Business custom - custom price - unlimited records

Whalesync’s pricing is much friendlier than Zapier’s for syncing, as they charges for each record instead of per update. So for your 1000 records in the startup plan, the amount of updates you can sync between records is unlimited. Whalesync’s syncing is also real-time. While Zapier’s most expensive plan has a 1 minute update time - believe me, this can seem like an eternity for certain use cases.

Best Airtable Apps For E-commerce

6. Shoptable

Shoptable is the perfect way to bridge your Shopify and Airtable accounts. With Shoptable, you can integrate your Shopify data with your Airtable data and keep them in sync. This makes it easy to stay up to date on your orders, inventory levels, and customer data. You can also generate rich, interactive reports from your Shopify data, allowing you to make smarter business decisions. Whether you’re an ecommerce seller or a nocoder, Shoptable is the perfect addition to your Airtable dashboard. With just a few clicks, you can start syncing your Shopify data with your Airtable database.

Shoptable pricing

The beta version is 100% free and the Pro plan is $25 a month.


From providing enhanced user experience to streamlining customer relationship management, these extensions can power-up your Airtable projects. They make it easier to manage data and tasks, as well as increase overall productivity – all while adding a bit of fun and flair. So, don't be afraid to give these extensions a try and see what they can do for you!

About the author
Ian Ruta

Ian is the founder of Supersparks. He has used no-code to build his own side projects, MVPs for startups, and internal tools for SMEs. He is passionate about inspiring no-coders to do the unthinkable and start their own tech ventures.

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