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"AMAZING design freedom"
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"Integral to getting my startup online"

Create a custom-designed community with commenting & reviews through Webflow.

No more embedding widgets! Enable members or guests to post comments, reviews, or community posts on your Webflow sites, in 2 minutes, through our nocode tool.

Loaded for 1M
5K+ comments & reviews posted
1 million pageviews

Webflow Comment Section

Engage with your audience and improve SEO by adding comments to CMS generated pages, like blogs, in minutes. Our app is integrated with Webflow Memberships & Memberstack, so you can either receive comments from guests or logged in users. No more embedding & requiring commenters to register with 3rd party apps like Disqus.

Webflow Reviews Section

Increase conversion rates for your shop or increase community engagement by adding reviews to e-commerce & CMS pages. Unlike most reviews apps, the Supersparks app allows you to create your own custom reviews section in the Webflow Designer and is integrated with Webflow Memberships & Memberstack, so you can enable guest or member reviews.