6 Amazing Things You Can Build with Webflow Memberships In 2023

Inspiration to help you unleash the potential of Webflow's Memberships feature to monetize content, foster communities, and offer exclusive experiences.

6 Amazing Things You Can Build with Webflow Memberships In 2023
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While Webflow has been empowering creators and businesses to build stunning websites without code for years, as the platform and community has evolved, no-coders have used Webflow & other no-code tools, such as Zapier, Airtable, & Memberstack to do the unthinkable without code. But with the recent addition of Webflow's Memberships feature, the platform has taken a leap forward to becoming a more versatile no-code tool, enabling users to build more than just websites natively in Webflow.

Yet, the reception from the Webflow community has been mixed at best towards Memberships. And Webflow has now announced that they will temporarily stop improving their Membership feature, after two years in Beta, to focus on addressing long-standing limitations with the Designer and CMS. This doesn’t mean Webflow Memberships is useless though. Despite it not having the user data accessibility, email automation, billing, and discounting capabilities of other no-code tools, it still offers the basics for gating content or pages on your website while being (mostly) free and natively integrated within the Webflow platform.

Why mostly free? Well, subscriptions and paid tiers are only available for sites with both Ecommerce enabled, which is a $29 add-on. So depending on your project, you might get more bang for your buck using another no-code tool. But if you value the CMS capabilities and design freedom of Webflow then this is great value, especially considering its less than <2% transaction fee.

In this blog post, we'll explore six incredible things & use cases you can build using Webflow Memberships while highlighting its unique advantages.

1. Exclusive Blog Content:

Webflow's Memberships feature opens up new avenues for monetizing and growing a userbase for your site. Whether you're a blogger or a journalist, you now have the ability to offer premium articles exclusively to subscribed members. Or you can offer a freemium model where certain articles are free to visitors that aren’t registered or paying. There is also the flexibility to customize access levels, as you can create different tiers of membership that offer varying degrees of exclusive content.

And now with the Supersparks app, you can engage with your audience and improve SEO by adding a comment section to your articles. Unlike other commenting apps, Supersparks works with Webflow Memberships and can automatically displays user data (eg. profile images & name) on registered users' comments. Plus its fully customizable in Webflow, so you don’t have to embed widgets like Disqus that don’t match your design and require users to sign up with a 3rd party.

2. Online Communities

With Webflow Memberships & Supersparks Comments you can now build your Circle.so style community where you can foster a sense of belonging and facilitate meaningful conversations within your community. You can make this work by creating new posts or topics exclusive to your community via the CMS. Then with Supersparks you can add comments so logged in users can communicate asynchronously on community posts.

If you are looking to build a forum where users can create topics of their own, then you are out of luck. There is currently no way possible to connect new forum posts to a user due to Webflow’s inability to pre-populate form inputs with user details. But stay tuned, as Supersparks is currently working on a solution for users to easily generate new forum posts as CMS pages from form submissions through Webflow Memberships + Logic. This will further interaction, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within your community.

3. Event Registrations

Planning an event? Or many? Webflow's Memberships feature allows you to streamline the registration process. Members can sign up and gain access to event-related resources, schedules, and exclusive content. Create a seamless event experience and foster engagement among attendees within your membership ecosystem.If you have multiple events, you can also use the Nocodeflow component to create your own custom calendar populated with your events from the CMS.

4. Online Courses

With Webflow Memberships you can now share and monetize your knowledge by building your own online course website with content that can only be accessed by paying subscribers. If video is your preferred form of education, you can separate your classes / sessions into separate pages using the CMS and adding a video element. So instead of using another cookie cutter online course builder, why not create your own unique & custom educational site using Webflow. And if you want to encourage discussion on your classes, you can again use the Supersparks app.

5. Ad-Free Experience

Webflow's Memberships feature gives you the power to reward your members with an ad-free experience on your website. By subscribing to a membership plan, members can enjoy your content without distractions, enhancing their reading or browsing experience. It's a win-win situation where you can generate revenue while providing a more immersive experience for your loyal readers. If you are using embed or link elements for Adsense or affiliate marketing, you can just use content gating to only show them to non-paying subscribers.

6. Exclusive Audio Content

With Webflow's Memberships feature, you can take your audio content to the next level by creating a member-only audio experience. Whether you're a podcaster, musician, or meditation instructor, Webflow Memberships empowers you to offer exclusive audio content accessible only to subscribed members.

You might be thinking: "Webflow doesn’t support audio you big phony". Well it turns out Supersparks also has an app for audio where you can now create your own custom audio player that plays audio files from your CMS. Like our other apps, you have full design control in Webflow to create a visually captivating website & audio player with an immersive audio experience that stands out.

Whether you aspire to create a Headspace-like meditation app, curate soothing soundscape music playlists, or offer exclusive podcast content, Webflow & Supersparks provide the tools to bring these ideas to life.


While it’s nothing short of impressive that all of the above is now possible within the Webflow product, there are still many impossibilities due to the inability to display or use logged in user’s data. So if anyone from Webflow is reading this, pretty please prioritize this feature.

Regardless, Webflow's Memberships feature, combined with its intuitive CMS capabilities & design flexibility, offers a comprehensive and affordable solution for creators to deliver exclusive experiences & content and cultivate thriving communities.

Thanks for reading and let us know in the comments what you are considering building with Webflow Memberships 👇.

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Ian is the founder of Supersparks. He has used no-code to build his own side projects, MVPs for startups, and internal tools for SMEs. He is passionate about inspiring no-coders to do the unthinkable and start their own tech ventures.

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