April 17, 2024

Online Course Discussions In Webflow

Engage with students and answer questions by adding comments to session or class CMS pages.

Class discussions in Webflow

Take your online course built in Webflow to the next level by adding a commenting to classes or sessions. By adding an area for your class to discuss courses, participate, and ask questions, you can foster a sense of community & increase engage within your class.

Enabling commenting on CMS pages

You can enable commenting on CMS pages through the Supersparks app. Supersparks is 100% no-code and takes under 2 minutes to install. Our app is also integrated with Memberstack & Webflow Memberships, so when your user comments data (of your choosing) associated with their account, including name, profile image, & username get automatically displayed on their comments. Users can also delete their own comments when logged in.