Blog Comments On Webflow Sites

Engage with your audience and improve the SEO of your blog posts or articles by adding a comment section CMS pages.

Blog comments on Webflow

Unlike other CMS web design tools like Wordpress & Squarespace & Ghost, Webflow does not have a built-in feature for adding comments to blogs. As a result, many Webflow site owners are missing out on SEO, community, customer relations, & user generated content benefits that comment sections can bring to blogs or news publications.

Sure, there are ways to embed widgets like Disqus, but in addition to a lack of design flexibility, it can have many undesirable impacts on SEO & user experience; eg) page speed, ads, privacy, etc. And unlike Disqus, our app is integrated with Webflow Memberships & Memberstack, so you can enable community discussions in Webflow for users registered to your site / your userbase.

Enabling commenting on CMS pages

With the Supersparks app, you can now easily add a comment sections to CMS pages like blogs. Our app allows you to enable comments for logged in users or guests or both. Through our integration with Webflow Memberships & Memberstack, commenters will be registered to your site instead of a 3rd party commenting app (like Disqus), giving you more ownership of your audience.

One of the biggest criticisms of adding comment sections on blogs, is that it's a magnet for spam. So in addition to member commenting, we also have a spam filter setting to help flag spammy comments on your website.

Some of our other features include:

  • Nested Replies - Encourage different topics of discussion by nesting replies underneath comments.
  • Comment Settings - Pre-moderation, spam filtering, daily notifications, and more.
  • Comment Overview - Review, approve, and delete comments in our comments dashboard. Comments also don't count towards your Webflow plan's CMS & form submission limits.
  • Interactions - Add animations & click-based interactivity to your comments form & section through Webflow's interactions feature.

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