Add user generated content to your Webflow sites. 100% no code!

― Enable member commenting, reviews, & community posting on your Webflow sites in minutes. Customize your user generated content sections to look however you want in the Webflow Designer. No more embedding widgets!

Webflow Comment Section

Engage with your audience and improve SEO by adding comments to CMS generated pages, like blogs, in minutes. Our app is integrated with Webflow Memberships & Memberstack, so you can either receive comments from guests or logged in users. No more embedding & requiring commenters to register with 3rd party apps like Disqus.

Webflow Reviews Section

Increase conversion rates for your shop or increase community engagement by adding reviews to e-commerce & CMS pages. Unlike most reviews apps, the Supersparks app allows you to create your own custom reviews section in the Webflow Designer and is integrated with Webflow Memberships & Memberstack, so you can enable guest or member reviews.

Apps made just for Webflow

Webflow Blog Comments

100% No-code

2-min template installation

Webflow Comment Manager

Member commenting & reviews through Memberstack or Webflow Memberships

  • Name, username, or profile images get automatically displayed on comments
  • Spark community discussions
  • Member commenters are registered to your website, instead of 3rd party apps like Disqus
Webflow Memberships Memberstack Commenting

Full design control in the Webflow Designer

  • Customize your apps to look however you want - no more embedding 3rd party widgets with limited design flexibility
  • Add interactions
Customizable Webflow Comments

2-min template installation

Webflow Comment Manager

Enable user generated content on Webflow!

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Built for no-coders by no-coders

We love Webflow! But like many no-coders & web designers, we have felt the pain of getting stuck because of some of it's limitations. Getting stuck often leads to spending hours finding workarounds online that often require rewriting code. Or when there aren't any workarounds, trade-offs need to be made, which can lead to an inferior final product.

It is our aim to make no-coders' lives easier and allow them to accomplish more by providing apps & extensions that expand the capabilities of Webflow. We plan to prioritize apps for problems we have encountered ourselves. But you can email any requests or no-code problems to us at :).

Add sparks in minutes

Our step-by-step tool makes it easy to add features to your no-code project and fully customize to your needs. No need to write any code.

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What our customers are saying!

We have loved using Supersparks for Caffeine. It's super easy to implement and the team is really responsive to any questions. Excited to have such an easy comments feature that we can roll out on future projects too.

Victoria Rudi
SaaS Minds

Less than 2 minutes … That’s how long it took me to add a comments section to my blog articles. It seemed surreal, especially considering the long hours I had previously spent trying to figure it out by myself. Supersparks is awesome, especially for those who don’t have extensive Webflow background.

Supersparks has been an integral part of getting my startup online. The team has been so quick to respond/follow through, and are constantly improving Supersparks in ways their customers need.

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Webflow CMS Audio Player

Leverage Webflow's CMS to create musician or podcaster websites, audio file marketplaces, member only audio content, & much more. Our app not only plays audio files from the CMS, but is also fully customizable in the Webflow designer. No more embedding out of place widgets on your site.

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