Supersparks Is A Proud Member Of Webflow's App Marketplace!

Learn more about what this means for our product and other summer 2023 announcements & improvements 🎉

Ian Ruta
August 28, 2023
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Supersparks Is On The Webflow App Marketplace
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We are proud to announce that we are one of the first apps to be featured on Webflow's new app marketplace. With this launch, Webflow has also released a new version of their API that will not only improve user privacy permissions, but also allow app developers (like ourselves) to build a wider range of features that expand the capabilities of Webflow.

As a member of their apps beta, we've had the pleasure of seeing the creativity & problem solving of developers on full display over the past few months. So if you are a Webflow site owner, we highly recommend you to not only try Supersparks (for member commenting & reviews), but also the 40 new designer extensions that are now available on the app marketplace. My personal favourites are the Unsplash & Finsweet Tables extensions, as they really demonstrate the possibilities within the Webflow designer. We are already brainstorming ideas for the Supersparks designer extension. Stay tuned 👀.

Other Supersparks updates

Since the June launch of our Webflow commenting app, we have been fortunate enough to receive a wide range feedback from our users. Based on this feedback, we are excited to announce the following improvements to our product 👇.

Free Commenting On Staging Sites

Our commenting app will now be free on staging domains for up to 200 pageviews per month. No credit card required. Our goal is to offer you as much time as you need to install our app, make iterations, and test before launching a website or adding comments to a custom domain.

Once you are ready to go live with our app on a custom domain, you can subscribe to one of our plans, which start at just $5 per month.

⏱️ 2 Minute Template Installation

To speed up the installation process, you now install from a template, which takes under 2 minutes and only a couple clicks. Our templates are a mix of styled clones of comment sections from well-known websites (like IGN & Medium), and unstyled comment sections that are easier to adapt to a custom design.

All you need to do is copy a template, paste it into your Webflow site, paste our code snippet into the body of your page settings, publish, and boom you have a live comment section on your website.

To learn more, check out our new video walkthrough of this feature, which also dives into integrating your comment section with Webflow Memberships & Memberstack.. And you can also see a small sample of this feature in action 👇

👤 Memberstack Commenting

Speaking of Memberstack, it's now possible to enable member commenting through Memberstack, so member data such as profile image, name, or username, will automatically be displayed on their comments. Logged in members can also delete their own comments while logged in.

This is not only great for spam prevention, but also increasing user engagement by adding community discussions to a memberships site.

To enable Memberstack, you just need to simply go to your comment section settings, select Memberstack as your membership tool. Then you can paste in the custom fields from Memberstack, like name & username, that you would like displayed on comments.

memberstack commenting on Webflow

🔊 Webflow Audio Player File Select

You can now enable audio file select functionality on our audio player app. This will allow you to create a Spotify style audio player experience where users can select specific songs from a playlist or album - then songs will continue playing on the audio player in the appropriate order in the background. This is also useful for audio books and allowing users to select a specific chapter.

🎁 Wrapping Up

To try out these new features for free, check out the Supersparks app.

About the author
Ian Ruta

Ian is the founder of Supersparks. He has used no-code to build his own side projects, MVPs for startups, and internal tools for SMEs. He is passionate about inspiring no-coders to do the unthinkable and start their own tech ventures.

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