The 8 Best Apps, Extensions, and Plugins for Webflow

A deep dive into the best apps Webflow's ecosystem has to offer in 2023.

Ian Ruta
November 2, 2022
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The 9 Best Apps, Extensions, and Plugins for Webflow In 2023
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If you’re using Webflow’s to build websites or no-code projects, then you know that it’s a powerful platform with seemingly unlimited web design and frontend capabilities. But did you know there are a number of extensions, apps, plugins, and components made just for Webflow that can streamline your workflow and allow you to do more? In this blog post, I'll be sharing some of my favorite Webflow extensions, apps, and plugins. So if you're looking for ways to take your Webflow designs and projects to the next level, read on!

⚠️ Please note, this list is not ranked in any particular order. ⚠️

Best Webflow CMS Apps

1. Supersparks

Sorry, we couldn't resist being on our own list. But we are confident we belong here because we are building one of the world’s largest libraries of apps, extensions, and components for Webflow. Or ‘sparks’ as we call them - of the super variety. 🦸

We believe Webflow is the future of no-code. But we have felt the pain of needing make trade-offs, write Javascript, or use other tools because of some of it’s limitations. So we are working on addressing some of the most requested features by the Webflow community and problems we have encountered ourselves, including:

As Webflow users ourselves, we expect to have full design control of every frontend aspect of our projects. So all of our extensions are made to be customizable in the Webflow designer. No need to embed 3rd party widgets. Our step by step tool allows you to add extensions in minutes without needing to code.

Supersparks pricing:

  • $0 per month on staging / non-custom domains
  • $8 per month / app on custom domains

Our apps can be used on an unlimited number of projects under the same account, making it ideal for serial Webflow creators, like freelancers and agencies. We are now only offering early access to our first applications. But hurry up as our early access window is closing soon.

2. Jetboost

Jetboost’s library of extensions offers advanced functionality for the Webflow CMS. Their extensions allow website visitors to perform the following with CMS collections:

  • Filtering
  • Search
  • Pagination (eg. load more, infinite scroll)
  • Dynamic sorting
  • and more

Before Jetboost, adding the above functionality was only possible through arduous tutorials that required debugging of complex code. But Jetboost has made the process of adding these a breeze through their step-by-step editor.

Like Supersparks, their extensions can be customized to look and function any way you want in the Webflow designer. In addition to the CMS, their extensions can upgrade the user experience of Webflow E-commerce sites by helping visitors find products and add them to their wishlist. So be sure to check out Jetboost if you are building a project that uses large sums of CMS data.

Jetboost pricing:

  • Free - $0 per month until a site is published on a custom domain
  • Core - $24 per month - 50k pageviews per site for 4 boosters
  • Premium - $49 - 50k pageviews per site for 6 boosters
  • Growth - $95 - 300k pageviews per site for 6 boosters
  • Ultimate - $175 - 1M pageviews per site for 6 boosters

All of their boosts can be used on an unlimited collections, elements, and projects under one account.

3. Nocodeflow

The next one on this list is Nocodeflow, which is a library of components that work with your CMS and (like Jetboost and Supersparks) are fully customizable in the Webflow designer. Some of their notable components include an event calendar where you can create events based on CMS items. And also an interactive map that shows pins on a map based on locations in your cms collection. You can customize every aspect of the map experience in the Webflow designer, except for the look of the map itself. Overall, we are quite excited to see the 2.0 for their map component, as it will make it possible to create a dynamic Airbnb style map with different filtering options.

Nocodeflow pricing:

Nocodeflow's has a one time fee for all of their components. Their components range from $17 to $21 each.

4. Finsweet Attributes

The company that owns Wized, Finsweet, also has a library of attributes that enable advanced form and cms functionality Finsweet is the third member of this list that offers filtering and search functionality for CMS items. But they also offer some unique ones like a slider for CMS items (which is one of the most requested features of Webflow), CMS tabs, CMS collection combine, and much more! Be sure to check out their library, as it might open your eyes to what’s possible in Webflow.

Finsweet pricing:

We'll keep this short. Finsweet Attributes are 100% free! 🎉

Apps For Creating Web Apps With Webflow

5. Whalesync

If you are treating the Webflow CMS as your frontend on a no-code project with other tools like Airtable, Notion, Bubble, and PostgresSQL as a backend, then Whalesync is a gamechanger. Whalesync’s allows instant two-way syncing of data between Webflow’s CMS and popular backend no-code tools.

Before Whalesync, no-coders primarily used Zapier to sync data between no-code tools. But the process of connecting fields to sync on Zapier has always been a cumbersome process. Whalesync makes this super easy through it’s user friendly data mapper, which is built specifically for no-code tool syncing. Whalesync is ideal for the following use cases:

  • Programmatic SEO
  • Internal Tools
  • No-code Apps
  • Cross-team Collaboration.

Whalesync pricing

  • Startup - $39 / month - 1000 records in sync
  • Business custom - custom price - unlimited records

Whalesync’s pricing is much friendlier than Zapier’s for syncing, as they charges for each record instead of per update. So for your 1000 records in the startup plan, the amount of updates you can sync between records is unlimited. Whalesync’s syncing is also real-time. While Zapier’s most expensive plan has a 1 minute update time - believe me, this can seem like an eternity for certain use cases.

6. Wized

Since the release of their logic and memberships features, it has become clear that Webflow has higher ambitions than being a tool just for websites. And now with Wized, users can now more easily create web apps on Webflow while using Xano, Airtable, and other as tools as backends. Similar to Whalesync, data is instantly synced to and from these backend tools.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for nocoders who want to use Webflow to create web apps that require large sums of data like a marketplace, SAAS, and more. I wouldn't be surprised Webflow, Wized, and Xano together are able to do everything Bubble does within the next few years. The Frankenstein approach of connecting at least three different tools might be offputting and more expensive. But if you value design and interaction flexibility, SEO, and a CMS, this stack offers by far the best value!

Wized is now only available by invite. But you can reach out to the different Webflow communities if you are interested in trying it before their official release.

Wized pricing

  • Free - Up to 10,000 page views on domains
  • Small - $25 / month - Up to 10,000 page views on a custom domain
  • Medium - $25 / month - Up to 100,000 page views on a custom domain
  • Large - $150 / month - Up to 1 million page views on a custom domain

Best Webflow Ad-hoc Extensions

7. Nocodelytics

Nocodelytics is an analytics tool made just for Webflow sites. You might be wondering how it differs from Google Analytics? Well, Nocodelytics offers user behaviour tracking out of the box, as an alternative to the cumbersome process of using Tag Manager for Google Analytics. Additionally, it is built to track events from 3rd party tools like Memberstack and Jetboost. For example, you can track what users are searching for on your Webflow or Jetboost search component. This data can help inform what content or features should be created next.

Nocodelytics pricing

Premium - $19 / month - 10k monthly visitors

Business - $39 / month - 100k monthly visitors

Growth - $39 / month - 1m monthly visitors

Nocodelytics can be used on an unlimited number of websites.

8. Flowbase

Flowbase is a library of premium Webflow components that can help you take your website to the next level. With over 100 components to choose from, you can find everything from menus and buttons to accordions and modals. And since all of the components are fully responsive and mobile-friendly, they'll look great no matter how your visitors are viewing your site.

But that's not all. Flowbase also includes templates, guides, apps, and more to help you make the most of Webflow. This library has saved me hours coming up with designs and developing them on Webflow. Flowbase also has a plugin that makes it easier to add components on the Webflow designer.

Flowbase pricing

$39 per month - unlimited components and users

9. Relume

Similar to Flowbase, Relume offers an extensive library of over 800+ premium Webflow components that help speed up the design and development process. What makes Relume so unique is its marketplace approach, as many of their components are from their community. Their components are lower fidelity than Flowbase, which makes it easier for Webflow users to adapt them to the site's existing style. While all of Flowbase's components are beautiful, they can only really match a certain style of website,

Relume pricing

  • Free - Access to 30 components
  • Starter - $32 per member / month - 800+ components


If you want to explore more component options, be sure to check out our more detailed article about the best components libraries for Webflow.


While this list is by no means exhaustive, it should give you a good starting point for exploring the wealth of extensions, apps, plugins, and components that are available for Webflow. With the launch of the app marketplace, we are excited to see how the Webflow community will continue to evolve no-code.

If you're looking for more ways to streamline your workflow and take your designs and projects to the next level, be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel where we'll be sharing even more tips, tricks, and resources in the weeks and months ahead.

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