How to use a community template with an existing Webflow project

If you want to use one of our templates with an existing Webflow project, there are two approaches to implementing the template:

1) Create a new project by cloning the template by following the steps described in this tutorial. Once that's done, you can set up a reverse proxy to ensure the newly created template project is on the same domain as your existing project.

2) If you want to incorporate a template into your existing Webflow project, you can: clone the template, paste all of the components and code snippets from the template into your existing project, create a CMS collection with identical structure and field names to the template, and go through Supersparks template installation on the existing project. For a more detailed explanation, check out the video below.

Tutorial video

Hidden attribute

*) For the collection list elements for posts, please note there is a hidden attribute (slug = Slug) in the collection item element that needs to be removed in order to copy & paste the list elements. After copying & pasting, be sure to add this attribute again. Below is what this attribute looks like:

Next Steps

In case you get stuck or some aspects of the forum don't make sense, we also recommend watching our full tutorial for template installation below:

When in doubt or if something is not working after migrating the template to your existing site, be sure to check out the configuration & classes in the template that you clones